About Me
Hi there. My name is Fiona and i`m a working mum. I have two wonderful kids Ellie 12 and Oscar 7 a handsome Tabby cat `Toto`and a very messy house full of love, treasures and amazing pieces of furniture just waiting to be painted. I have a showroom on the front of the house and never enough storage! So,despite the best intentions furniture does creep into the house and half painted chairs nearly always find themselves in the lounge!! 
Beauty is a passion of mine...beautiful buildings, movies, artwork but most of all Furniture! I love things that are slightly grand forlorn and romantic and I do think `shabby chic` though used to broadly describe a whole array of things is a fantastic, fun, romantic, whimsical and often quite economical style for furniture.
I do think it is just so inspiring the wealth of artistic talents and `can do` attitudes that can be found with blogs and websites for upcycling, renovating, picking and creating beauty with little to no budget, just lots of passion and a whole bunch of `chalkpaint`!
To the other ladies who are making the world more beautiful, juggling kids, houses and trying to earn a living with a sense of humour, you inspire me and i`m so pleased I started this whole journey which has led me to so much creative fun and so many fantastic,lovely, talented people out there...