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5 shabby chic/vintage ideas with

Shabby chic style candlestick ideas, lace, keys etc

I get quite a few emails about my candlesticks so thought I`d just post a quick blog on them, they`re so easy to do! There are some stunning candlesticks around, laura Ashley, white company etc however if you (like me) are on a pretty unforgiving budget or just plain don`t want to overspend here it is!
Firstly you don't need to spend a fortune for the basic candlestick, it doesn't matter what colour it is or even if its wood or metal, a nice shape is probably the most important part and variation in size and height is great if you want to do a big display! Ebay, charity shops, ikea, b&m, car boot sales- there are lots of places to look for those `bargains` we all love! I often paint mine white if they have started life off another colour. I use Annie sloan `old white` or `original` and its really a 2 minute job to paint! They can be customised with so many things but obviously do be careful if you are going to light them not to have anything flammable near the top! My favouirite things for customising the candles and sticks are-
1. Lace vintage style ribbons- these can literally just be tied round the sticks or candles and give a soft vintage vibe,fab! If you are looking for a cheap option to buy then end of rolls can be bought in bundles from ebay and haberdasher stalls at markets and work out very reasonable per metre!
2. I love antique sheet music that is nicely yellowed with time(you could also coffee/tea stain new music!) simply wrap round the candle and selotape or glue at the back! you can also layer with lace ribbon on top!
3. Vintage or antique style keys! These look fab on so many things and have a slightly Alice in wonderland charm! loop on ribbon or jute!
4. Vintage style tags, I add them to far too much but there are some great ones around and you can also make your own!
5.Hanging hearts- the ones I put on chairs just loop perfectly over my candlesticks so you see them in many of my table settings matching the chair fabrics!
There are loads of other things you can use, old necklaces and brooches etc but the above are the 5 things I use most. If you want to make an impact on a dresser groupings of very tall ones medium and short ones do look fab together and maybe a pretty vase of flowers nearby, ooh I`m getting carried away! Anyway have fun creating and please no fires!! xFiFi