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Shabby chic tables with pews and benches

Hi there, sorry its been so long, its not you its me...! Just a quick post today about the use of pews and benches with dining tables. I love doing this particularly in small spaces/kitchens etc because you can use a narrow table and a bench on one side (that fully tucks under when not in use) and pretty chairs on the other side maintaining the attractive look of a dining set without having to opt for a breakfast bar etc to save space!
If space is less of a problem a beautiful pew can be a fantastic seating option. I find they work best against walls and whether its a stunning reclaimed gothic church pew(sigh) or a painted mdf one they provide fantastically practical seating and (most importantly!!) another place to dislay pretty cushions that your husband never new you needed before(how did he not know!).
I have fond memories of being squeezed onto a pew with 100 other children(ok I do occassionally exagerate!) for parties and dinners as a child, my mum went through a pine`reclaimed` phase, unfortunately this involved getting rid of our inherited antiques and trawling shops and barns to find more modern furniture to replace them... however, I do remember the pew as being one of the changes I approved of!
For my `tiny` eating area (yes I do sometimes miss my grand dining room) I used an old church pew cut into a corner bench (with pretty cushions!) to provide flexible seating for our family, with a sweet vintage drop leaf table/trolley! My children are very happy with it, Oscar loves kneeling on the cushions and eating breakfast there and the table can be wheeled out of the way to hoover up the mess after!!
Anyway, thanks for reading and do remember to pop over to my facebook page if you want to say `hi`, i`m always on there and very happy to answer questions if your thinking about having a go at renovating for the first time!